MDTM Hardware Platform  

MDTM will be deployed in DOE Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs). The DTNs are typically high-end Linux servers and configured specifically for wide area data transfer. A DTN typically has three major components (Figure 1 and 2):

  • A NUMA-based system architecture

    • A DTN features one or multiple NUMA nodes

    • A NUMA node has one or multiple CPU processors

    • A CPU processor consists of multiple cores

  • One or multiple advanced NICs to access wide area networks

    • 10/40 GE NICs

  • One or multiple interconnection links for storage access

    • Local storage (Raid, SSD)

    • Directed connected storage (via Fiber Channel or Infiniband)

    • Distributed parallel file systems (via Infiniband, 10/40 GE NICs)

      • e.g., Lustre parallel file system

      • e.g., GPFS file system

Figure 1 DTN Hardware Layout -- a NUMA-based System Architecture

Figure 2 A MDTM-based DTN Storage and Networking Architecture

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  • 02/13/2019